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A Bride's Story

A few months before our wedding, my husband and I chose to hire a videographer for our wedding. We were set on just having a photographer, but decided that a video would be easier to share than a bulky photo album and would be able to tell a more complete story of our wedding.

We decided to go with Scott Sorenson of Busy Bee Video for several reasons. First, he was in our price range - we didn't have much of a budget for videography, but his prices were very competitive and he was willing to negotiate a package that would work for us. Second, he is very professional. Speaking to him on the phone, I could tell that he was very passionate about his work. This isn't just some side project for him - he really enjoys what he does. He is up-to-date with technology and willing to perfect all the details you'd like to include. He hadn't been to our ceremony location, so he attended our rehearsal and made sure he'd have a plan for where the cameras and microphones would be placed. He was on time and ready to go. Last and certainly not least, Scott is very personable and easy to work with! He made us really comfortable and told us what he'd be doing each step of the way, while making sure he didn't miss a thing. He was onobtrusive and very courteous.

The final product, our priceless wedding video, turned out better than we could imagine and we will treasure it forever. The ceremony taping is complete, with our voices and those of the pastor, soloists, and readers being clear and audible. He "mixed it up" by using three cameras, allowing him to capture the "whole picture" and also close ups for vows, etc. so the video doesn't look like someone just turned on a camera and left. He also recorded all of the entrances, speeches, and spotlight dances from the reception. Our favorite part was the highlight video he compiled using his own footage as well as some still photos we sent him from our photographer after the wedding. It was set to a song we chose, and I found myself tearing up as I watched it for the first time (and second...)! Scott's passion for wedding videography really shows through, because he had to have gone through hours of tape and hand-picked the most touching, special moments to include in this brief video. It captures the mood and memorable elements of our wedding day in only a few minutes, so we easily share it with friends and family. Like the rest of his work, the DVD is professionally put together, with individualized photo packaging and label. Like any other movie, it has a menu so you can click right to what you want to see. We are so happy we chose to go with Scott for our wedding video!

Best wishes for a memorable wedding,
Lindsay and Mark Henderson - (Baltimore, MD)

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